SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The presidential election is only eight days away, and the state is 10 days into early voting.

People are sending in their ballots and going to their town halls to get their votes in amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The CDC has come out with safety measures for in-person voting during the pandemic.

“I have got my mask and sanitizer, and everyone I have passed so far has their mask and is distanced, so I feel okay,” said Karren Beena of Springfield.

With the election just over a week away, voters and polling centers have been busier than ever. But remembering to stay safe while casting a ballot is just as important.

Jeanne Quaglietti, East Longmeadow’s town clerk, said they’re prepared.

“We sanitized pens in the June election and the September election, we bought pens for each voter and that worked out pretty well,” she said. “We’re prepared for it. We’ve done this before with the COVID. Got long cues, sanitizing the booths, extra people to facilitate foot traffic.”

These guidelines are in place to keep voters and the community safe during COVID-19, but making sure their votes are in and ready for this upcoming election.

Among the protocols the CDC has issued to help lessen the spread of COVID-19 at the polls include wearing a mask, maintaining distance, bringing pens from home, gloves and hand sanitizer, also making sure people limit their time in the voting booth.

The CDC also said to check and see if a town has sample ballots so residents can quickly fill out the real one, which will also decrease delays and crowding at the polls come Election Day.

One Springfield voter said he wanted to vote in-person to make sure he got his vote in on time but said he is taking the necessary precautions to keep himself and others safe.

“I have hand sanitizer, we have our own pen, we should be okay,” said Richard Dark of Springfield.

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