Celebrating the royal wedding with an at-home tea party

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Celebrating the big day for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at home can include one of the most famous British traditions - tea time.

Pull out the cups and saucers. The royal wedding is almost here and it will be filled with lots of tradition including tea.

Two Roses Tea and Cupcake Company in Ludlow celebrated their grand opening just in time for the royal festivities and owner Lorraine Watt shared with Western Mass News the perfect pairings for those viewing parties ahead of the weekend.

"A vanilla cupcake with lemon curd filling and rosewater frosting," Watt explained.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen a lemon and elderflower cake, so this cupcake is a great one to celebrate with.

"It pairs very well with...a strawberry and chocolate green tea. It is a little bit of sweet tea," Watt noted.

You could also opt for an authentic British scone with your cup of tea. Watt said that they're usually prepared with clotted cream and jam.

"This one is a vanilla lavender scone and it goes really good with clotted cream. It goes well with an Earl Grey tea, one that's not too sweet," Watt said.

Queen Elizabeth II would be pleased with this pairing.

"Her favorite tea is Earl Grey," Watt said,.

However, the English teatime tradition isn't complete without some good biscuits.

"This is basically like a sugar cookie, but I bake them a little crispier, so they're like a biscuit," Watt added.

While indulging, don't forget etiquette.

"One of the things not to do is to take your tea and dunk it like this. Leave the tea, let it steep," Watt said.

Watt said that tea is properly sipped on without sugar or milk, but if you need some, use one or the other.

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