CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Business owners in Chicopee are speaking out after they said they received unsettling flyers in their mailboxes and under their doors.

The flyers contain anti-immigrant language.

Business Owner Johnny Miranda spoke with Western Mass News and said the flyers were distributed a little more than a week ago and from the picture on the front, it seemed to appear festive and holiday-esque at first.

Then reading further, they realized the text was unnerving.

"So I just hear the mailbox click and I figure the mailman had come," Miranda explained.

Miranda owns an art gallery in Chicopee Center and said he received something unusual in his mailbox a little over a week ago.  To call it mail would be a stretch, as Miranda said there was no stamp or address.

"What I see is a sheet of paper that first impression, it looked Christmasy. It’s said hope," Miranda noted.

He said the words surrounding that image were contrary to its festive nature.

"Very anti-immigrant very racist connotation on the wording," Miranda said.

Shown here in these pictures; the flyer read in part quote “illegal immigrants are targeting all 49 American states” and that quote “every month Americans are being raped and murdered by illegal immigrants".

"It mixes all of that hate speech with religious phrases yeah it was disturbing it was confusing I didn’t know what to do with it," Miranda explained.

Jonathan Evans, who owns a business near Miranda's on Exchange Street said he too received a bizarre flyer with the wording he said is the exact opposite of the holiday spirit.

"Just ranting incoherent picking on anything and everybody and I thought well that’s kind of interesting it’s the time of peace and goodwill so why not hand out hate and misery?" Evans asked.

Western Mass News reached out to Chicopee Police, who said no one has reported the flyers to them, but they do want to remind people it's illegal to place things in mailboxes without proper postage

"Normally, businesses will go out and put menus and things like that, but they put them in people's doors and different locations. They're not allowed to use the U.S. mailbox.  Same for propaganda flyers such as this," said Chicopee Police Officer Michael Wilk.

While both Miranda and Evans filed their unusual Christmas greetings in the garbage, Evans has a message for whoever slid the flyer under his door.

"Instead of being anonymous come forward and say ‘here this is my idea’ and I can say ‘great that’s wonderful God bless you and get out here," Evans noted.

Chicopee Police said if anyone else receives these flyers they should report it to police and the post office.

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