Chicopee Comp Football Coach encourage with promise of pancakes


While the offensive line may not show up on the highlight reel, there is no question their presence is felt on every play.

In fact, one head coach has dubbed his front line the 'X Factor', keeping the offense afloat as the mid-season tear wears on.

The highlights may go to the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers, but there is no Hail Mary nor a 60-yard run without the offensive line.

It’s become a habit to cheer those who make the flashy plays, but at Chicopee Comp the front line are not only their captains, but their spotlight.

Offensive Coordinator Evan Burnesh told Western Mass News that the offensive line is making all the difference, opening holes for running backs and keeping pressure out of the pocket, something that goes unsaid by most nearly every week.

But part of that hard work carries into the classroom and at home, where it can be very tempting to eat, and eat, and eat.

"Going home and eating junk food every day, sitting on the couch doing nothing. That's not going to help us. We're not getting better," said senior Michael Demers.

That's why Coach Burnesh put his players on a meal plan, relying on healthy foods daily, and high carb diet the night before games.

From potatoes and pasta, to rice and beans, and while they may not be perfect all the time, it's important to take care of their bodies for football and beyond.

"I want to be good, and I know everybody on our team wants to be good, and we're willing to put in the work whatever it takes, even if that's cutting down on the pizza, all that stuff, we're willing to do it."

Coaches are always looking for unique ways to encourage and reward their players. In this case, every pancake on the field produced a pancake on their plate.

"My wife makes a pretty mean pancake, so they come over and they eat some pancakes after a win," said Coach Burnesh.

A pancake is an overpowering block which sends the defender so far back to the point of knocking them flat on the ground.

Coach's task? Get as many pancake blocks as you can, and you can eat as many pancakes as you want.

This front line only wants to keep working harder, and it's bonding moments like this that they will cherish well past the final whistle.

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