CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A problem with students vaping at Chicopee Comprehensive High School is causing school officials to take stronger action against tobacco use on campus.

On Monday, the school's vice principal sent out two emails threatening to leave only two bathrooms open, and warned students that further punishments for vaping in school will be enforced.

"It's like the newest phase right now," said Jillian Bourguignon.

While smoking in the bathroom is a well known cliche, 'Juuling' in restrooms of Chicopee Comp has gotten out of hand.

The school’s vice principal threatened to close down all but two bathrooms in the building and monitor the open facilities with a signout book.

Western Mass News reached out to the school's main principal, and while he declined to go on camera, he sent two clarifying statements that read in part:

“With a few road blocks encountered this afternoon and much student and staff response we will continue to rewrite our plan."

"They said they were surprised about the student voice and how everyone was talking about it. I think they took a step back and realize what they were doing," said Dylan Labonte, a Chicopee Comp student.

Though the students were upset over the initial threat to close down bathrooms, they recognized that there's a problem with vaping.

"It's kind of the students fault, and you know if you're going to do that type of stuff do it before you get on promises, do it after your off premises," said one Chicopee Comp student.

Since the school can’t stop students from vaping even with bathroom supervision, they're trying a different apporach with their resource officer.

"He can issue city ordinance violations to the students they're a $100 violation in fact was just given the other day," said Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk.

The prinicpal said the goal is to only discipline the students who are vaping, which is why he acknowledged that shutting down bathrooms is too drastic of a step for those who aren't using e-cigs.

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