Chicopee High School student arrested after threatening vice principal.

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CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - A Chicopee High School student was taken into custody after police say he threatened one of the school's vice principals.

Chicopee Police officer Michael Wilk tells us that on Wednesday, May 8, around 11:40 a.m., School Resource Officer Johnny Jusino was contacted via radio about a female vice principal, who was having an issue with a student.

Officer Jusino was informed that a student was swearing at and threatening to punch her.

The vice principal told the student he had to leave the building, but refused.

The student issuing the threat had previously been suspended from Chicopee High School and was not allowed inside the building until his suspension was over.

Officer Jusino was told by the vice principal that an ROTC program instructor had come to assist her due to the student's threatening language.

The student was located inside the school's cafeteria, where approximately 200 students were, by the vice principal and Officer Jussino and approached him.

The student was informed by both Officer Jussino and the vice principal that, having been suspended, he was trespassing and was told, again, he had to leave the building.

The student swore in defiance at both Officer Jussino and the vice principal in response.

Officer Jussino noted that, when they approached the student in question, he was agitated, had an extremely red face and had already punched a wall in frustration.

A second female vice principal came over in an attempt to calm the student down.

The student then began swearing at her, calling her derogatory names.

He then threatened to punch that vice principal in the face, according to Officer Jussino, and began to make a fist with both hands.

The student proceeded to call her derogatory names and swear at her before turning his body into, what was described as, a bladed stance and leaned towards the vice principal, causing her to step backwards.

Officer Jussino saw this and, out of anticipation that the student was going to attack the vice principal, pepper sprayed him, causing the student to break out of his bladed stance and he began to walk away.

When Officer Jussino attempted to grab the student and place him into custody, the student pulled away, causing his shirt to rip.

Officer Jussino then grabbed the student from behind and, according to Wilk, "put him on the floor so that he could handcuff him and stop his assaultive and aggressive behavior".

As Officer Jussino was placing handcuffs on the student, he noticed that some of his friends appeared to be agitated began to advance towards him.

Upon handcuffing the student, Officer Jussino brought him to the school nurse, who washed the chemicals from the pepper spray off his face.

The 15-year-old student was then taken to the Chicopee Police station for booking before being transported to juvenile court.

Police are not allowed to release the student's identity, because he is a minor.

The student was charged with assault, threat to commit a crime, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

He was arraigned in juvenile court earlier in the week.

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