CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- In Chicopee, the number one violation during this pandemic are surrounding face masks not being worn in restaurants.

Now, one owner Western Mass News spoke to said the written notice he got from the city stemmed from a complaint.

“An anonymous person called up and said that people, they weren’t wearing masks. I don’t know who my accuser or who called up," explained the owner of Jocko's Place, William Santaniello.

Santaniello told us about the COVID-19 written notice he received from the Chicopee Health Department last month.

The paperwork obtained by Western Mass News said the city found customers at Jocko’s Place not properly wearing face coverings, social distancing, or ordering food with their alcoholic beverages.

However, Santaniello thinks this complaint stemmed from a rival business.

“I feel it’s a competitor or somebody, who’s unfortunately not open or sees that I’m open, and either called the health department and said people weren’t wearing masks," he explained.

At the restaurant, some signs said people must order food, stay six feet apart, and wear a mask.

Chicopee Health Director Lisa Sanders released a statement to Western Mass News:  "These notices were sent as the result of a complaint. Either through an email, a phone call, and sometimes from the Department of Labor. No business received a fine. Our main goal is to educate."

Santaniello said he'd like to know more about the complaint process.

“Anybody can come here and say somebody’s not wearing a mask," he added. "I’d like to know who’s saying it and confront that person.”

Jocko's Place isn't alone. Since May, the Chicopee Board of Health issued 40 face-covering violations. Of those, two restaurants received a second violation notice, but no fines have been issued.

One restaurant cited twice is Brother's Pizza, first in June, then in October.  The second notice of violation states employees are still not properly wearing face coverings.

Romano's Pizza also received two notices of violation, first in July, then again in October. In their letter from the city, it also stated that employees are still not properly wearing face coverings.

Western Mass News reached out to both Brother's and Romano's, but both declined to comment.

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Everyone needs to mind their own business and stop tattletaling likes its middle school.


There is no need to wear a mask, they don't help, just ask all the governors that make the silly laws then are seen themselves not obeying their own laws.

We need a national "burn a mask" day in the U.S. just like they had all them burning their draft cards and bras during the early 70's.

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