CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - In light of last weekend's mass shooting at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas, we are learning that the Chicopee Wal-Mart on Memorial Drive has the most 911 calls for a single store in the country.

Just to give you an idea of just how many times police have been called here, in a four-year period, there were 2,359 calls to police, and the city says it's time to take steps to reduce that.

Chicopee City Councilors Derek Dobosz and John Vieau tell Western Mass News that the store has come with high crime rates for close to a decade.

"Roughly, it's two to three phone calls a day, and this could be anything from shoplifting, car accidents, car break-ins, fights," Dobosz tells us.

That's why they are now pushing for the store to take proactive measures to keep customers safe.

"This store is second in sales in New England and also 8-10,000 people a day come to Chicopee Wal-Mart, so I think that alone warrants a police officer. We force bars and other institutions to hire a Chicopee Police officer than much less issues than this," says Dobosz.

Just like they do with those bars, they're asking the store to hire a police detail.

"They're very interested in making sure that people feel safe. They want people to shop here so they're here to stay," stated Chicopee City Council President John Vieau.

It' a move that customers say they would support.

"My daughter's always here with my grandkids and I got a lot of family that comes here, and police being in there is great and it's awesome," said shopper Jose Victor-Narvaez.

The councilors tells Western Mass News that the store has been cooperating.

If Wal-Mart chooses not to hire an officer detail, then officials can file legislation, which would require stores to do so based on the number of times police have been called.

In the meantime, they say Wal-Mart has implemented a new camera system, recording 24/7, which, they hope, is a start.

"I just want the public to realize that there's a pretty sophisticated system in place. It's called this Robo Lot Cop and it does work, and it's supposed to deter thieves and the intent is we want people to feel safe when they shop in Chicopee and at Wal-Mart," added Vieau.

The councilors tell us that if Chicopee decides to hire an officer, they would join stores in Worcester and Boston that have done the same.

No date yet has been set on whether or not the store will agree to do so.

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