CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Chicopee Police are dealing with a serious problem.  Investigators said Tuesday that a group of dirt bikers is harassing and, in some cases, attacking people.

They noted that a man and woman were attacked while they were in their car.

"At least a mile, they followed her. You know, it's like they found a target. They found somebody that they can harass. They found somebody they could torment and they stayed with her," said Chicopee Police Officer Michael Wilk.

On March 30, a woman was driving down Chicopee Street when police said that she encountered a group of dirt bikers on the road.

By the time her car got to McKinstry Avenue and Meadow Street, police said they had the car surrounded

"She called 911, they told her to pull over and she couldn't safely, the way they had her circled," Wilk added.

Once the vehicle was stopped, the dirt bikers allegedly started to strike the passenger through an open window and then it was an assault from all angles.

The suspects started breaking the mirrors, kicking different parts of the car, and Wilk said they even struck the female driver when she got out of her side to go help her friend.

"She was injured from them driving by and kicking her. She landed against the car," Wilk explained.

Because dirt bikes on the road are prohibited by state law, police told Western Mass News that you should call the police any time you see a group of dirt bikers riding in the city.

"They're not registered they're not street ready, plus a lot of these guys are riding around without helmets. They're just wearing bandannas around their face because they don't want to be identified," Wilk added.

Investigators have released still images in hopes that someone may be able to identify the suspects.

Police are urging anyone who sees this group of bikers to not engage with them and call police immediately.

If you are able to identify them, call the Chicopee Police detective bureau at (413) 594-1740 and reference case #1386

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