SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Last night's shooting on Grant Street in Springfield has turned deadly.

Police confirm a man died from gunshot wounds this morning after he was transported to Baystate.

This is the fourth person to be shot in Springfield in the last six days and the second person to die because of it.

Springfield Police have not released the name of the man who was shot last night and they are not making any more statements, as they say it's an active investigation now being handled by the district attorney, but the city council president is speaking out on the troubling number of shootings in the last week.

"Anytime you have individuals who are taking people's lives for probably little-to-no reason whatsoever, then you have to be concerned," Springfield City Council President Justin Hurst tells us.

Four shootings since Wednesday, two of them deadly, and, right now, there are no arrests.

Springfield Police are asking the public to come forward if they information.

With investigators in overdrive, City Council President Justin Hurst is asking for the violence to stop.

"I think they're working hard and I think they're just as frustrated as the citizens are," says Hurst.

Police have not released any circumstances surrounding the shootings at this time, but Hurst suspects some of the same conflicts Springfield's endured throughout the Summer could be a factor.

"Between gang violence and drug violence, it's something that is not new to the city of Springfield. I think the better question is how do we manage and how do we deal with it," continued Hurst.

Hurst tells Western Mass News the shotspotter that alerted police to the Grant Street shooting is a step in the right direction and that the council is working with the police department to implement other safety measures.

"That's technology for you and I think the Springfield Police Department has done a wonderful job when it comes to technology. I think we're on the brink of getting body cameras for police officers, so we're doing some really innovative things," said Hurst.

While he says the importance cannot be understated of teaching kids early, he doesn't want to give up on those already involved in illegal activity.

"It's also something that we ought to be able to reteach. Our society is one in which we set the expectations high and we have to start early from an educational standpoint," added Hurst.

One resident on Grant Street, who witnessed Monday's shooting, says he does what he can to educate his neighbors.

"I talk to these people, all the kids, and everybody. Take care of yourselves out here. There's dangers out here," stated Springfield resident Willie Monroe, Junior.

Again, Springfield Police are asking anyone with information on this Grant Street shooting and others throughout the city to step forward or use their Text-A-Tip line.

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