City of Springfield takes action after dog prevents residents from receiving mail

Image Courtesy: Alicia Porter

One Springfield neighborhood is frustrated because of an ongoing issue with a neighbor's dog.

Residents on College Street in Springfield have not received their mail in weeks because of the dog.

After receiving multiple complaints, the city decided the dog should be turned over to animal control.

Some said the dog has not only inconvenienced the neighborhood, but it is also a major safety concern.

After a meeting held by city officials on Thursday, neighbors said it was determined the dog would be turned over to animal control.

Alicia Porter was just one of the residents on College Street that attended Thursday's hearing at Springfield City Hall.

Porter said it's been a long few months since the issue started back in November.

A total of 28 residents on College Street had their mail interrupted for more than a month after the post office said the dog bit one carrier and lunged at another. "Something has to stop before a fatality happens because I know they said the dog can be good but the owner has to be responsible for the dog," said Porter.

In February, Western Mass News reported another incident involving the dog.

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Thomas J. O'Connor Spokesperson Pam Peebles confirmed the dog had either scratched or nipped someone.

Shortly after, mail delivery was stopped for a second time.

Porter said she’s currently picking up her mail at the Mason Square Post Office. "It's not suitable for working individuals. Its been dreadful getting out, getting mail, getting lost, getting it at different locations, inconvenience, a burden," Porter added. According to hearing documents, the pit bull named “Taz” was supposed to be brought in to TJO by the owner for a behavioral evaluation, and possible surrender, but both the dog, nor the owner ever showed up.

After this hearing, Porter said it was decided the dog would be picked up by animal control.

"Glad to know dog is being removed. [I] Don't want [a] harsh penalty but [the] dog doesn't have any control. My concern is the children and spring children out here can't make her situation our situation," Porter noted. Western Mass News spoke with Peebles with TJO on Saturday. She confirmed for us that Taz was declared "dangerous" by the Animal Control Hearing Committee.

"We expect he will be impounded at TJO soon until his owner implements conditions put in place by the Committee," explained Peebles.

As for the U.S. Postal Service, a spokesperson said it is an ongoing investigation so they cannot comment further.

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