SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - For many across western Mass, the clean-up is just beginning.

Downed trees were a common sight across the Forest Park neighborhood in Springfield Monday after storms brought heavy rain and wind.

Branches line Shawmut Street near a tree that landed on wires and a house.

Two streets over on Commonwealth Avenue, a downed tree left many neighbors without power.

In Agawam, Western Mass News cameras were rolling when a tree caught on fire after wires were knocked down on Adams Street.

Back in Springfield, John Wysk was at work when he found out something happened to his house on Fenimore Boulevard.

"My good neighbor Kurt over here was nice enough to give me a call and, well, it definitely was one of those 'You should be sitting down for', because a tree fell on my house. I'm glad he did that, because, well, otherwise, I'd still be at work and would be trying to figure out why I can't get into my street," Wysk tells us.

He joined many others who stood and looked at the sight in disbelief.

"I don't know what to do. I'm not a structural engineer so maybe this is something. Maybe this is nothing. I don't know. I did call my insurance company and they're working on getting me in contact with people who can help, so hopefully that'll be a rapid process," says Wysk.

He tells Western Mass News that his house was able to survive other New England storms and expected Monday's to be no exception.

"I saw a little bit of similar stuff during Storm-tober. There were power lines down and wind, and that sort of stuff, but nothing like this. This tree stood through that and, well, I guess this gust of wind was too much for it," said Wysk.

To add insult to injury, his house, now with a tree toppled on top of it, was just put on the market.

"Thursday, Friday it was number one on Zillow and, over the weekend, it was number four, so this is going to put a little delay in my selling the house unless somebody wants a built-in treehouse," added Wysk.

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