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LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- New developments on a story Western Mass News has been following for more than two years now.

Homeowners in western Mass. dealing with crumbling foundations are reacting to a report submitted to Governor Baker by the crumbling concrete foundation commission.

The commission is co-chaired by State Representative, Brian Ashe, and Senator Anne Gobi.

Eight years ago, Russell Dupere and his family moved into this Longmeadow home.

Three years later their basement flooded and the problems only continued from there.

"We took down the walls, we saw there was some crumbling," Russell explained.

Dupere's foundation tested positive for the mineral pyrrhotite.

A now out-of-business company called J.J. Mottes' got their material from a quarry in Willington, CT and poured concrete into homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts, including the Dupere's.

Russell told Western Mass News, they had no other option than to replace their homes entire foundation, for a whopping $350,000.

"Because if you go the foreclosure route you’re going to end up paying back the money to the bank eventually," Russell noted.

Russell is a member of the Crumbling Concrete Foundation Commission.

They sent their report to Governor Baker last week with recommendations to help other homeowners suffering from the issue.

"$175,000 per homeowner to fix the foundation if you determined you had it. We also had language about testing so we could do testing with reimbursement from the state, which already exists now but we want to extend it. Also, extend the area where we can get money because we found at least one home that was 44 miles away from the quarry so that’s way beyond what people expected. We also had some recommendations for the insurance industry and their help with this," Russell explained.

"This isn’t just an isolated incident, this isn’t one or two families, this isn’t one or two towns, this impacts many towns and if we don’t address it the state will have to address it and towns will have to address it unfortunately down the road if people had their homes foreclosed, property values decrease, taxes go up. This is something we really have to stay ahead of," Rep. Ashe said.

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