A launch party was held today for the new CTrail Hartford Line, which expands train service between Springfield and New Haven.

While the public can begin riding the line on Saturday, public officials and invited guests took a test run after a ribbon cutting ceremony at Union Station.

"All aboard everyone," said Rep. Richard Neal.

All aboard is right! On Friday, Neal and dozens of others took one of 12 trains that will now travel between Springfield and Connecticut every day, every week.

The CTrail Hartford Line will provide expanded service between New Haven, Hartford, and Springfield for the very first time.

It was made official by Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno today inside Springfield's Union Station, offering the city and western Massachusetts a whole new dynamic for transportation across the state.

"I think the ease with which we get from one point to another creates greater productivity and increased sufficiency," Neal added.

Neal told Western Mass News he already utilizes trains like this one and plans to use the CTrail line going forward.

"I think it's convenient and I also think that you get a lot of work done," Neal explained.

There are nine stops the trains can make in Connecticut cities and towns.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation said it is a faster and more convenient commute from Springfield to Connecticut, cutting down on I-91 traffic.

These trains can hold up to 400 people and will travel 80 miles per hour.

According to the schedule, it can get from Springfield to Hartford on an average day in 40 minutes for just $8 and to New Haven in and hour and a half for $12.75.

The public will get its first ride this weekend and the trains are free all weekend. Some residents are already making plans.

"It's good for the environment and I'm very excited about it. It opens up new ways to get to New Haven," said Joanna Avery of West Springfield.

Avery works at Baystate in Springfield and plans to use the train tomorrow morning. She's happy to hear that those working out of state now have a much more feasible option.

"If somebody wanted to work in Hartford, they could commute in the morning and get to Hartford," Avery said.

Springfield is also offering special rates for parking in the garage next to Union Station.

For more information on schedules, fares, and routes, CLICK HERE

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