A Chicopee company that removes hot tubs said an accident dumped a large hot tub on the side of a road in Southampton.

At the end of Gunn Road at the intersection of Riverdale Road in Southampton was a giant hot tub resting against the guardrail.

Neighbors told Western Mass News the town was buzzing Wednesday wondering why the hot tub was there, and who left it there.

"The reality is if you don't live here, someone else does and on a bigger scale, this is our planet. There's tons of ways to get rid of things," said Southampton resident Kate Rose.

The owner of Premium Hot Tub Movers in Chicopee, who asked Western Mass News not to use his name, said his company is responsible for it.

Their website said the company removes any hot tubs homeowners don't want, and puts them in storage, legally.

"There are ways to get rid of things in a very sensible manner," said Rose.

The owner told Western Mass News by phone that an employee was transporting the hot tub to a storage center around 10 p.m. Tuesday night, when they took the corner Gunn Road too fast and a strap broke, dumping the hot tub on the side of the road.

He said the employee didn't notify police about what happened because he wanted to tell him first. Town officials said in the last year, there have been two other incidents involving hot tubs, and neighbors like Kate said dumping is a problem.

"It's an area that unfortunately we see a lot of illegal dumping. It's unnecessary. there's tons of ways to get rid of things you don't longer need," Rose continued.

The owner of the company said he picked up the hot tub on Wednesday and he said he is not affiliated with any of the other hot tub incidents.

Western Mass News repeatedly asked for an on-camera interview and he declined.

The owner said he plans to meet with Southampton police on Thursday to tell them what happened and address the matter.

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