Contractor accused of taking thousands of dollars

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An 83-year-old woman handed over nearly $9,000 to a contractor who disappeared without finishing the job or returning the money.

Now, another woman says she invested tens of thousands of dollars into that man’s business, and hasn’t seen any of her promised returns.

This new victim who came forward invested more than $80,000 into a business Joe Dias told her about; a music business and recording studio.

Dias has also owned home improvement companies but does not have an active contractor license.

“I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll be there next week.”

That’s what a handful of people tell western mass news they’ve been told by a man named Jose Dias who also goes by Joe.

In an interview, Edite Fragoso Sheldon showed us her 83-year-old mother’s home, where she hired him to do work in a couple of bathrooms.

“I have an 83-year-old woman who’s out $8,700,” Fragoso Sheldon said. “What he did was lousy.”

The work was never finished so she filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office.

Since then, another woman has come forward, telling Western Mass News she invested more than $80,000 into Dias’ music business and recording studio.

This woman chose not to show her face on camera because she says she hasn’t told all of her family members about her investment and is embarrassed now that she’s lost most of it.

Wednesday afternoon, she filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

We obtained a copy of that complaint and a notarized letter.

It shows that in 2014, Dias had agreed to pay his lender back with interest on the 15th of each month.

Those payments quickly shrunk and then stopped by late 2015.

In Hadley, the owner of TJ’s Taylor Rental, Jim Falcone, told us Dias rented a Bobcat loader from him, didn’t return it for months and then ignored his phone calls.

“I saw your story and I knew the name Joe Dias,” Falcone told us.

We obtained a copy of the report Falcone filed with the Hadley Police Department.

Just over a week after we interviewed Falcone, Dias returned the machine but didn’t pay back the $11,000 he owes in rental fees.

Western Mass News has reached out to Dias. He has yet to respond.

The Attorney General’s Office has received at least six consumer complaints regarding Dias and his businesses.

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