LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Hair salons and barber shops have been closed for weeks and now, people are taking things into their own hands. The result is called a coronacut.

Stephanie Batemon is the owner of Circa Salon in Henderson. Lately, her phone has been blowing up with clients who are desperate for a cut or color.

“I had fifty text notifications on my phone yesterday if that gauges what we are trying to manage,” Batemon said.

She refuses to cut anyone’s hair until her business reopens.

“The exposure possibility is pretty high between the stylist and client,” Batemon said.

Batemon’s own mother tried giving her husband a haircut in their backyard with a home-haircut kit.

“They give you a nice picture. Show like it’ll go really well. It’s not true. I don’t recommend home haircuts. I don’t plan on doing another one,” Joann Batemon said.

Twitter is full of pictures who attempted to give themselves or others a haircut. The results are less than perfect.

Batemon said the best thing to do is wait for a professional to cut your hair when the stay at home mandate is lifted and non-essential businesses reopen.

In the meantime, she recommends experimenting with different styles, using a different product or wearing your favorite hat.

She does not recommend cutting your own hair. However, if you are going to cut your own hair, Batemon says to start small.

“Follow how it is. Don’t cut much from how it currently is. You can always cut more. You can’t cut less," Batemon said.

One of her biggest concerns is clients who are considering coloring their hair. 

Batemon said chemicals in hair color can be harmful if you don’t know what your doing. 

Correcting mistakes on hair color are time consuming and expensive.

“A color correction can be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. And usually a color correction starts at 300 dollars,” Batemon said.

Unless Governor Sisolak’s stay at home mandate is extended, Batemon plans on reopening her salon May 1.

So far, she has 40 appointments scheduled in her first week back at work. 

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