BELCHERTOWN, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Two teams at different high school's in western Massachusetts came together to help a student in need.

Champions are not necessarily the ones who cross the finish line first, it's about being the type of athlete that shows their best, no matter what.

"How we portray ourselves is more important than any glory," said Belchertown student Zac Bail.

Belchertown and Chicopee Comp laced up for a cross country meet.

But as they were nearing the end of the meet:

"I was running down the hill and there was a rock. It just got steeped up because it was in the woods. My foot like rolled, and went upside down," said Chicopee Comp student Tyler Parks.

The Chicopee Comp freshman was unable to walk.

"We ended up running down with our med kit and phone so I could call him if the trainer needed to come down," said Bail.

Bail and Caiden Boscher from Belchertown are among the many from both teams to turn around and help.

"The trainer with the golf cart that she has couldn’t get all the way up the mile we were into the woods. We ended up having to carry him back," Bail added.

The sport can take runners into difficult terrain, and may seem like a very independent sport, but it is all about teamwork.

"It gives you a warm feeling in your heart when you know that you helped someone out," said Caiden Boscher.

Parker told Western Mass News if anyone else needs help in the future, he’s ready to pay it forward.

"I would do the same thing if they got hurt," Parker continued.

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