LUDLOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Come Sunday, millions of eyeballs will be fixed on Atlanta, watching the Patriots and Rams square off for ultimate bragging rights.

From the cheerleaders to Mercedes-Benz Stadium itself, we're seeing a lot of things for the very first time.

This includes some of the players, Devin and Jason McCourty, the first twins to ever play together in the Big Game.

"Their text to me was," Joe Ventura of Joe V Designs tells us. "That is so awesome, but is it okay if we tell you what we want? I said, 'absolutely, why would I not?'."

After that text exchange between Joe Ventura and Devin and Jason McCourty, Joe began to do what he does best, air brush, right out of his office in Ludlow.

"This cleat actually comes black," stated Ventura.

Four hours per pair to be worn by Devin and Jason McCourty, the first twins to ever play in the Big Game together.

"I would probably equate it to," says Ventura. "Somebody winning a Grammy. It's the highest level you're going to get, doing what I do. It's history, and I'm part of that history, because they're wearing my work on their feet."

A piece of history made here in western Mass., which means the world to Joe.

"For me to be able to say," continued Ventura. "Hey, western Mass, you have somebody here that actually made it to the Big Game. It says a lot, that this area is as strong as any area to become something."

the cleats have now made it to Atlanta safe and sound.

Before shipping them south, Joe stopped by our Western Mass News studios to show us the final product.

On the toe, you see a dedication to the McCourtys' aunt, who passed away from Sickle Cell.

Joe says Pat the Patriot was tough to recreate on such a small space.

"If you zoom in on these cleats, and," stated Ventura. "Look real close at what that material is, to be able to do that type of detail, it's almost impossible."

An impossibility you can see this Sunday.

Joe also does custom shoes for fans.

"If that signature isn't on there," continued Ventura. "Joe didn't do it."

The Patriots officially have another set of twins on the roster, Jacob and Cody Hollister, but Cody has not been active this year.

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