Springfield church hosts immigration forum

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Monday marked President Trump’s deadline for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but it came and went without a permanent fix.

After a series of court orders, no action was taken.

DACA is the program that protects illegal immigrants who entered the country as children from being deported.

Western Mass News spoke with a Freshman at Smith College who said she's worried and apprehensive about her future, especially after today's deadline passed. Along with the glitz and glam of the Oscars, 'dreamers' took center stage at Sunday night's awards. As the March 5 deadline set by President Trump has come and gone for a permanent fix for DACA, and nothing has arrived.

Julieta Mendoza was born in Mexico.

Now, she's a Freshman at Smith College who, like many dreamers, told Western Mass News DACA has really helped her succeed in college. "Gives me the peace of mind that I can get a job if I want to and go off campus and get a job, I can do [a] work study," said Mendoza. But she's now asking herself, what's next? Court decisions have forced the White House to keep renewing DACA permits until further notice.

A senate attempt to pass bi-partisan legislation on immigration failed, and since then congress has backed off the issue. "I don't know whether this court decision is going to be enforced by some kind of permanent solution or a continuing game. There are people in Washington right now, turning their backs against Democrats because they haven't been fighting the fight we want them to, " Mendoza added. In the meantime, dreamers can just hope and pray for some sort of resolution. Right now, the battle lies within the courts, but DACA recipients whose permits expired are still at risk while they wait for their renewals to be granted.

March 23 is the next government funding deadline, and some lawmakers have suggested they may try to use that for a DACA resolution.

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