While many local residents across Western Mass have been enjoying the fireworks this holiday weekend, their furry friends have not.

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WHSM) -- While many people enjoy the loud boom of fireworks, especially during Fourth of July celebrations, many pets don't feel the same way. 

After fireworks were set off for hours on Sunday, concerned Western Mass News viewers reached out about how to keep their pets calm. 

“This is a loud time of year. There are a lot of fireworks going off,” said Lee Chambers, Media Relations and Development Specialist for the Dakin Humane Society.

Fourth of July typically brings many fireworks displays and the loud booms might be making your pet nervous. 

Holyoke resident Terrance Mabry tells Western Mass News his five month old puppy handled this Fourth of July weekend well but other dogs in his apartment building had a harder time. 

“There were other dogs in the apartment complex that I heard barking a lot louder than they normally do or louder than they normally do,” said Mabry.

“It’s because of the fireworks.”

Other dogs he's owned in the past have struggled with the noise of fireworks as well.

Mabry adds, “We had a black lab - it was a lab pit mix - and he had a real hard time with the fireworks. Like he would cower. He was about 5 years old and he would cower under the table and refuse to come out once the fireworks started going off.”

Lee Chambers, Spokesperson for the Dakin Humane Society responds, “It really hurts their hearing. Pets have very, very sensitive hearing. And the loudness and the intensity of those booms really hurt their ears and it startles them.”

Chambers says it's a good idea to make sure your pets are wearing collars with identification tags in the event you get separated from them during a fireworks display. 

“You hope not but if it happens, it’s good that they're wearing tags and have I.D. on them so to speak,” adds Chambers.

And she advises to keep them calm when fireworks are booming nearby.

“Draw the blinds or the shades because you don’t want to see the flash of light when fireworks go off. You want to run the television or the stereo on low to just kind of have this nice ambient sound to hopefully drown out the noises outside.”

And with more fireworks displays expected to continue in the coming days, she’s encouraging owners to leave their dogs at home.

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