CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Chicopee Police Spokesperson Mike Wilk told Western Mass News that an officer was flagged down while on patrol because of a dog attack that was happening.

But someone had already taken the matter into their own hands.

A man on scene told police that he was walking his two dogs when suddenly his dogs were attacked by a pit-bull that had to escape the house it lives at.

"He tried other things. He knew the dog, he tried to call the dog off, used the dog's name, he tried to use his hands and his feet to no avail," Officer Wilk explained.

Wilk said that this wasn't the first time that the same pit bull attacked the man's dogs…, so he went to his last resort.

"He then took out a knife to stop the attack, stabbed the dog, and unfortunately the dog did die," Officer Wilk said.

Wilk said that while it may upset some people, this was one of those situations where the man felt like he had no option but to stab the dog.

"You have to do what you have to do. If you're in fear of your life, or in this case the life of your dogs, you have to do when you need to do to protect yourself," Officer Wilk noted.

According to police, the pit bull broke through a cardboard slot in an air-conditioned window at the house it lives at.

Wilk said this incident now serves as a reminder for dog-owners that you could be held civilly liable in court if your dog attacks someone or other dogs.

"If you know you have a vicious dog or you know your dog is prone to attack, crate it inside the house if you have to. If your dog's outside, make sure your dog is leashed and tied to something he can't get free from so this doesn't happen again," Officer Wilk said.

Following news of the attack, Wilk said that there was a number of rumors circulating about what happened.

He said it's important for everyone knows the facts ins situations like this.

"What we ask people and I put it up today is give us time. We're extremely transparent; we're going to tell you what happened," Officer Wilk said.

The two dogs that were attacked did survive and were taken to an animal hospital by its owner.

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