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LUDLOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- With every major snowstorm comes quite a bit of cleanup.

On top of shoveling sidewalks and clearing roadways, it is also important to clean off your car and clean it off completely.

Western Mass News spoke to police about the fine you could face if you leave snow on your car.

Clean it off completely.

That's exactly what you need to do every time before you hit the road.

From your windshield of course to the side windows, mirrors, and lights.

But the one area a lot of people seem to forget about and it might be the most important is the roof.

People in western Mass woke up Monday morning to find anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow covering the roads, sidewalks, and cars.

Before people hit the road, they grabbed their ice scrapers and snow brushes.

But Western Mass News spotted a number of cars that weren't completely cleared off, creating a bigger hazard on the already slick and slushy roads.

Sgt. Michael Gilrein with the Ludlow Police Department explained why it is important to clear off your car.

"Anytime you’re driving around and obscure your vision you’re putting your own safety at risk and others as well. I see it as a common-sense thing. If you can’t see when you’re driving, well you probably shouldn’t be driving," Sgt. Gilrein said.

Sgt. Gilrein said you could end up paying for any snow or ice left in your car.

"Typically for an impeded operation involving failure to remove snow from your windshields it is citable under chapter 90 section 13, I believe. It’s not a significant fine, it’s like a $40 fine. But you could be charged with an uncovered load which could be up to a $250 fine. There are other significant fines. It’s not like we’re out there to penalize people, more of an education thing," Sgt. Gilrein explained.

Debra Cottis told Western Mass News she traveled from Worcester to Springfield on Monday morning and noticed a lot of covered roofs and windows.

"Oh everywhere. Anybody that was on the road. I think they just clean off the windshields and windows and just jump on the road. They don’t do anything else. Even trucks. That’s the worst. It’s like a sheet of ice coming off of trucks. I’ve actually had to jump in the next lane to avoid getting hit with it," Cottis explained.

Cottis actually said she uses a broom to clean off the top of her car and a dustpan for the rest of it.

But again, whatever tool you want to use, just make sure your car is completely clear of snow and ice for not only your own safety but other drivers around you.

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