Some travelers decided to skip the busy roadways and high gas prices all together by utilizing local bus and train routes.

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- This weekend is historically one of the busiest travel weekends for people across the country and many people set off Wednesday, so they can be with family by Thursday.

We caught up with some people who were traveling by car to be with family for Thanksgiving. They said, as of mid-afternoon Wednesday, that their travels were going smoothly.

Eric Alcott is traveling from Buffalo, NY to Hamilton to see his grandchildren. Western Mass News caught up with him as he was making a stop on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

"Roads have been good. It's a beautiful travel day, blue sky,” Alcott said.

He joined an expected 1.1 million drivers from Massachusetts on the road, according to AAA. They're predicting pre-pandemic numbers when it comes to people traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, but one of the top-of-mind concerns for travelers this year is the gas prices.

"The average person is spending $10 or more to fill up his tank,” said Bob Bolduc, owner of Pride.

Bolduc told us the price increase doesn't have to do with a shortage of gasoline.

"It's a matter of inflation and transportation costs and labor costs all over,” Bolduc explained.

However, he doesn't predict it will be a huge issue for drivers this weekend and some drivers, like Alcott, prepared for the price increase before hitting the roads.

"You know, it's important to be with family, so you pay a few extra dollars in gas,” Alcott noted.

Some travelers decided to skip the busy roadways and high gas prices all together by utilizing local bus and train routes.

"I came by train from New Haven up to Springfield and the train was packed, hard to find a seat,” said Jo Lombardo.

Daniel Lehmkuhl traveled from Vermont to New Jersey and took multiple busses along the way, with one stopping in Springfield.

“I left at 6 a.m. I should arrive by 9 p.m.,” Lehmkuhl said.

It’s 15 hours of traveling to be with family for the holiday.

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The prices of gas/barrel of oil have effects on much more than the extra five bucks a week on filling up the ole gas tank in the family car. talk about the real price increase. I have to buy at least 150 gallons of diesel( i mean heating oil) just to heat my house to not get a 50 dollar extra charge. In winter. 28 degrees last night. 302 a gallon cash price. $453 tonight. Last winter? Oh my god, wish I had a bigger tank.

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