The flooding from the beaver dam completely took out this part of East Street.

BELCHERTOWN, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Flooding from a beaver dam washed out East Street and a couple’s driveway.

The flooding from the beaver dam completely took out this part of East Street. Cars can not go past here, and if you want to get to the other side you have to go around. This driveway is completely gone, their yard, completely flooded. Here's what the residents inside have to say.

"I actually smelled it. I woke up, and I looked out. I think the river was flowing down," resident Steven Wood said.

Wood smelled water taking out his driveway. It happened Sunday morning, but now the driveway is completely gone. Sand everywhere and their whole yard was completely covered in water. The damage extended to their backyard.

"We got a six-foot hole in the driveway. The water was up to here. It went over the porch. We couldn't find our cat; she showed up last night," Wood explained.

To fix unexpected damage from the flooding, Wood said it’s likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

"I don't know who is going to pay for this. We can't get hold of the insurance, and it’s a flood. We’re afraid they're not going to," Wood said.

Wood and his wife's cars are both in the sand. The only way for them to drive out onto East Street is through the side of their yard into their neighbor’s driveway.

"It appears it didn't get water in it. No water was inside. We got both of them. How high it is, they're going to help us get these out. There's a foot of silt in the garage," Wood said.

Despite Wood's yard being completely flooded by the beaver dam, his basement did not take much water.

"The basement water held, just water trickled in there. We got about two inches of water in the basement," Wood said.

Belchertown's Fire Chief said people should avoid East Road if they can, and he also said East Street could be closed off for up to a month.

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