Easthampton students walk out in protest of gun violence

(Western Mass News photo)

A group of Easthampton Students spoke loud and clear in front of their high school today, saying that the violence seen in schools has to come to an end.

The best way to do that right now? Listen to what students, nationwide, have to say.

The walkout, approved by school administrators, lasted exactly 17 minutes.

One minute for each victim of the Parkland, Florida shooting.

These students are demanding universal background checks, a ban on assault rifles, as well raising the age to 21 to buy any gun.

“The law should make killing children harder than having a drink,” Alice Wanamaker, a senior at Easthampton High School, said.

“If I were to get shot, I feel like this would be the place.”

Group leader Aidan Chappuis, a junior, is no strangers to guns. His uncle is an avid hunter and enjoys it safely.

The thought of even handling one of them has never struck Chappuis’ mind.

“I would not personally be interested in that, and would not have a reason to,” Chappuis said. “We’re focusing on who has guns, not what guns they have.”

Other students, like Amber Mutevelic told us the time to speak up is now, not years down the road when her younger sister could be dealing with the same anxiety she faces today.

“I really don’t want this movement to die down if we can get this, and I will continue fighting. I hope my sister continues fighting for gun regulations,” Mutevelic said.

More than a quarter of the school’s students walked out of their classrooms today, the group very happy with the turnout.

Students told us that two other protests are planned within the next month.

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