SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Its the end of the first week of school and some parents may already feel overwhelmed with making sure their kids are eating right and staying healthy.

It might seem like a lot of work getting your child to eat nutritious meals during the school day.

Western Mass News is bringing in two registered dietitians, Carrie Taylor & Andrea Luttrell from Big Y to help whip up some healthy lunches your kids will enjoy.

The key? Including all five food groups.

"The five food groups are grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables and then the dairy group," Taylor said.

Sounds easy but making it fun for your kids is the hard part.

"The recipes today are very simple you'll see are just a little bit of prep and presenting it in a way that makes your kids say wow!" Taylor explained.

So the plan is to make turkey sushi and southwestern pasta to make yummy lunches that will impress while keeping kids going all day long.

"So what are we starting with first we'll start with the southwest taco pasta it's easy you can use leftovers from the night before especially if you had a taco dinner," Taylor explained.

Start with drained cooked pasta and mix in a chipotle ranch dressing.

"Put in the ground beef and add the other ingredients and then you're done," Taylor noted.

The other ingredients being peppers, tomatoes, and cheese covering our bases with the five food groups.

"We have our grain with the pasta, our protein with the lean beef, and colorful vegetables and then the dairy group and once you pack it in the insulated heated container you add your fruit and voila! Your five food groups," Taylor said.

Keeping food warm is an important step to stop bacteria from spreading or in the case of our next dish, cool.

"Is this turkey sushi it's so cute - yes just a play on the regular sandwich to mix it up. We did pair it with some mixed berries you could do any kind of fruit and then the milk box," Luttrell said.

Add two ice packs to ensure the food is at the proper temperature and to make it start with a whole grain tortilla.

"We have a ranch dressing you guys trust me with the dressing! Add a thin layer all over the tortilla that will help bind everything and hold it," Luttrell said.

Add some sliced turkey for protein and of course rice to complete the sushi theme.

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