PITTSFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The Berkshire County Sheriff's Department announced they have located missing inmate Harry Chandler, Jr.

In a press conference on Thursday afternoon. Sheriff Thomas Bowler confirmed that they located Chandler and he is now in police custody.

Chandler escaped custody Monday at 2:00 p.m. from the Berkshire Medical Center while he was changing back into his jail clothes after a medical exam.

Sheriff Bowler tells Western Mass News that, at 2:09 p.m. today, they located Chandler at a home on Robbins Avenue, not far from the hospital.

When they found him, Sheriff Bowler says Chandler had cut his hair to change his appearance, but he did not resist arrest.

We're told twenty to thirty officers were on scene at the time Chandler was captured.

Sheriff Bowler stated that Chandler was tired and exhausted when he was apprehended.

"It was an address we have been going to during the course of this investigation, an address we have been to. The individuals in that residence have been cooperating since Monday afternoon. No issues or problems. We went right in. That's when we apprehended him," Sheriff Bowler tells us.

The residents at the address where Chandler was found are not facing any charges at this time and officials are not releasing the occupants' names.

Sheriff Bowler says that the residents were cooperative.

Chandler had visited his particular address frequently, but officials say that he had not been at the Robbins Avenue home during the duration of his escape.

We're told that the suspect's family members, including his sister and his father, were not in contact with Chandler during the investigation.

However, Chandler's sister and father informed officials they wanted a peaceful resolution and hoped that he would turn himself in.

Chandler's family informed investigators that they would notify police if they made contact with him.

Sheriff Bowler did state that Chandler may have had access to a phone while he was out.

It is unclear if Chandler had attempted to contact his children while he was out.

Sheriff Bowler would like to thank the public for their cooperation in this investigation, saying that their goal was to inform the public as much as possible about the Sheriff Department's and the Pittsfield Police Department's activities.

While they continued to follow up on leads and interview witnesses, they received 100 tips through phone calls and messages on social media, all of which were helpful and important.

The sheriff stated that the feeling in the department is relief.

They have had fifty officers in the field for the past three days following up on hundreds of tips.

Members of the Pittsfield Police Department, the Hampden County Sheriff's office, and Mass State Police all assisted in the search for Chandler.

Sheriff Bowler tells us that their priority now is to get Chandler the physical and mental help he needs.

Following this incident, officials are now taking the possibility of making changes to the medical protocol into consideration.

Chandler's arraignment is expected to take place within the next few days.

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