Exploring gun violence issues in America


Mass school shootings is something the United States has become known for since it's so common in comparison to the rest of the world.

The questions remain, as to why does this happen, and what will make it stop.

The Parkland, Florida high school shooting on Wednesday resparked the concern over the growing number of mass shooting incidents in schools across the United States.

Like the rest of the country, it's a topic of conversation in western Massachusetts. "The news is certainly shocking when an event like this happens, weather its over breakfast, or between classes, we discuss topics like this and we try to figure out solutions," said AIC graduate student, Tyrone O'Banner. Although many of us talk about possible solutions, there still isn't a definite answer as to why these school shootings happen in the U.S. Gary Lefort is an Associate Professor at American International College, and believes the prevalence of social media in the American culture could be a reason for modern school shootings.

"That's the question that everybody is asking, where have we failed, what are the indications that we need to be looking at so that we can identify somebody early rather than after the fact," Lefort said. Lefort told Western Mass News that because Americans are open about their lives on the internet that allows more opportunity for bullying. For those who maybe don't fit in, social media can be isolating. "If you're not drawn in, you're ostracized and you want some payback some retribution. When you are trying to get that attention, peer recognition and you're not getting it," Lefort noted. Although this is just one theory, there is still the urgency across the country to find out why. Lefort added that the shooting suspect was brought into custody alive, and that interviewing him may shed some light on how he got to this point.

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