WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -Tonight, classmates at West Springfield High School are in mourning after one of their own died in a car crash last night, but they came together to honor his life.

Many parents told us tonight that his death is still too fresh to talk about, but at tonight’s game, those coping with the loss came together to share in their grief.

A much somber mood at Friday night's West Springfield High school football game as many take a moment to honor 17-year-old Kyle Thibodeau, the senior who died tragically in a car accident Thursday night on Sibley Avenue.

Sophomore Ahmed Samir learned about what happened when he was in school Friday morning.

"I got really sad about it. I started crying, because he was a good friend of mine. We made a lot of memories during soccer season," Samir tells us.

Many in the stands consoling each other, distraught over a person many are describing as a great kid.

Corrine Boucher has known Kyle for years.

"Amazing young man. Athletic, intelligent, manners. Just had it all," explained Boucher.

She and Samir tell Western Mass News that so many are hurting after his death.

"Since everybody's going through an emotional time and everything, even though the players out there are going through a hard time too and they're still playing through it, and hopefully they get the win for him tonight," continued Samir.

Before the start of the game, the players and cheerleaders held out a sign during that moment of silence that read "Fly high Kyle. This one's for you".

"Everything they do in their senior year from this point forward is going to have a whole other meaning for them and they're going to keep Kyle included in everything, and they're going to make him proud and make sure he finishes their senior year with them," said Samir.

Samir says now more than ever, the community should be supporting Kyle's parents.

"I just wish them the best of luck, because I know they're going through a tough time. All they need is, right now, is time to think it through, because it's a really hard thing to take in," added Samir.

The school’s superintendent tells us that they will be holding a moment of silence for Kyle before every game.

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