Family members are speaking out after learning their loved ones were among the three women found dead in and around a Springfield home last week.

This as there is still a strong police presence around the property and they continue to search for evidence and answers.

Candles have been placed across the street from the home that has been an active crime scene for five days now and where the bodies of three women - Kayla, America, and Ernestine - were found.

While court records show these three women have a history within our legal system, those who knew them well said that that doesn't represent who they were and that their lives were taken far too soon.

This is how Jennifer Gibson would like America Lyden to be remembered.

"She was beautiful...her smile, her eyes, her cheeks, her personality, just her herself," Gibson said.

Lyden may have been Gibson's sister-in-law, but she told Western Mass News the two were close like sisters.

"She was a loving caring mother, sister. She always went out of her way to help whoever for whatever," Gibson added.

Lyden was reported missing by her family in December and two months later, in February, Gibson wished for her birthday that she would hear from her. The two typically celebrated their birthdays together:

"I never thought the worst. I prayed to God for a positive outcome," Gibson noted.

Lyden, 34, was found dead at 1333 Page Boulevard, along with the bodies of 27-year-old Kayla Escalante and 47-year-old Ernestine Ryans.

Ryans - a mother who has ties to Hartford - was reported missing by her family in March. They said that she struggled with addiction and while it isn't unusual for her to lose contact for a few days, they held out hope that she would eventually come home.

"For her to go that long of time without contacting her kids was very unusual. She always made contact with her children, so when we reached out to the kids and they said they had not heard from her, as time went on, we just started to realize there is something seriously wrong. She's just not missing," said Anthony Ryans.

The youngest of the three, Kayla Escalante, can be seen smiling in Ludlow High School's 2007 yearbook. She was a sophomore at the time.

A GoFundMe page for Kayla said that she just turned 27 last week and leaves behind a three year old baby girl.

This as Lyden's loved ones said that they want justice, for not just their loved one, but for all three of these women.

"Everyone has a past, but don't judge them by their past. Judge them by the good they have done," Gibson said.

As of this hour, Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni has not named any suspects in relation to these women's deaths. We are told that will not take place until the medical examiner determines causes of death.

Stewart Weldon, the man who lives in that Page Blvd. home, is in jail on $2 million bail on unrelated kidnapping charges in two separate incidents.

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