AMHERST, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - It’s been a long time coming, sixty years to be exact, for the Amherst High School football team to go undefeated in the regular season.

“This year, being the number one seed, it’s exciting," senior Cenai Collins tells us.

But it wasn’t always a walk in the park.

Senior Josh Vecchil tells Western Mass News it takes a different level of focus to stay consistent.

“We know we can’t take anyone lightly. In the past, we’ve said we’re the much better team and ended up losing and we’re like, 'Man, we definitely could’ve won', but we just have to play our level every game," stated Vecchil.

Western Mass News asked the Hurricanes about their secret to winning, and they all can agree…

“I would say family," senior Shane Robles says.

“I really believe that the family aspect is what has carried us to win these eight games," continued Collins.

“We built that chemistry up and with Coach Ehorn, it just all comes together. It’s a beautiful thing," said Vecchil.

One senior player who joined the team this year says the family atmosphere he is experiencing this year is the greatest win of them all.

“I’m living with one of my teammates right now, so technically he is my family. This team is like a family to me. It’s more than just a team," explained Robles.

Previously playing in Arizona, Robles was the kicker, always wanting a shot at a different position.

"My whole entire high school career was trying to prove myself and to everybody else," stated Robles.

But with the faith in his players, Head Coach Chris Ehorn gave Robles a chance to show what he’s got, ultimately benefiting everyone.

“It just shows that coach has a lot of faith in his players and in me. It makes me really want to play for him," added Robles.

And though the x’s and o’s play a huge role in their winning season, it’s this family bond that’s really undefeated.

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