Family, friends of Jo Ringer upset with timing of D.A.'s announcement

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Berkshire County District Attorney David Capeless announced his retirement Thursday morning.

This comes just hours after police found human remains in a Hatfield forest.

On Wednesday, authorities announced they found human remains in the woods in Hatfield.

Jo Ringer's family and friends believe the remains are Ringers. She's been missing for a year.

Her husband, Chad Reidy, was the sole suspect in the homicide investigation. He died of an apparent suicide a month after Ringer was reported missing.

His ex-girlfriend, Laura Reilly, is charged with three counts of misleading police in the investigation.

Hours after the remains were found yesterday and they were not confirmed to any person's identity, the Berkshire County D.A.'s office - which has been the lead investigator on this case - sent a press release saying they would make a "major announcement" today.

Ringer's friends and family believed it was related to her case.

When it was not about that, but rather about the D.A.'s retirement, friends and family were upset.

We spoke to them after the press conference.

"We're upset by the way it all was handled. It was in poor taste for them to hold this press conference after sending out a vague press release to news stations in a different county, who all were waiting to hear about a case not related to today," said Ginger Plantier.

Plantier is a close friend of Ringer and she said this is a fault on behalf of the prosecution.

They feel that the remains found were taken advantage of. They just want peace and closure

Tonight at 5 p.m. on ABC40, we'll have more on the family and friends reaction.

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