CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- It’s the second weekend of the NFL 2020 season, and many fans are repping their favorite teams this Sunday.

At Rumbleseat Bar & Grille in Chicopee, you would expect the place to be packed with only Pats fans, but that is not the case.

Fans are representing their favorite teams, from the Patriots to the Cowboys, to the Steelers. There are even some Washington fans, as well. Many are grabbing some wings and a beverage as they enjoy some football.

"Football Sunday, we wanted to come, have a few drinks, have some food. My family's big on football, my friends are big on football," said Chicopee resident Shakira Guzman.

[Now what fan are you?]

"Me? Patriots, my family's very patriotic," she explained.

Owner of Rumbleseat, Bill Stetson, told Western Mass News there are over 30 televisions set up, with football games on all of them, so fans can choose which game they want to watch.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is required to wear a face mask as they come inside and when they are walking around, but once they sit down, they can take their mask off and enjoy their food and drinks.

Stetson said despite these restrictions, it’s great to welcome fans back for some football.

"We’re really happy with football, in particular. Football is different than any other sport. It’s way more popular than any other sport," he said. "To have all different fans here, the Patriots aren’t even on yet, and you can see the place is full of people. I’m happy they know where to come, that this is the place to come.”

There are other rules put in place at the restaurant to make sure everyone is staying safe and COVID-19 free.

Though almost everyone is munching on something good to eat or having a refreshing beverage during the game, Stetson told Western Mass News, many safety measures are in place to keep everyone safe amid the pandemic.

"You have to have a mask on, anytime you're not seated," he said. "When you're seated, you can take your mask off. But the rule of thumb is anytime you're not seated, you have to have your mask on."

Another rule, you can't stand around the bar, like you used to.

"You're not allowed to stand. You can't stand next to a table, and we've got like a dozen signs around the place to remind the people," Stetson explained.

But with over 30 televisions, showing any game they request, fans said they're content with the atmosphere.

"Besides the masks and not being able to stand up on tables, I mean, what can you do? They're doing the best they can, and I commend them," said Washington fan Bruce Cierpial.

Past 10 p.m., fans have to leave the patio. All patios must close at that time, due to statewide rule. Customers moved inside to continue to watch the game as the Patriots take on the Seahawks.

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