Filming for 'Castle Rock' is underway! Downtown Orange was blocked off for a good portion of the day Tuesday as the upcoming Stephen King adaption 'Castle Rock' officially began filming.

Western Mass News spoke exclusively with the producer for the upcoming series and how Orange has been as hosts.

Lights, camera, action...the 10 episode Hulu series 'Castle Rock' has officially started filming.

And with it, detours like this will become a common trend over the next 5 months.

“We will come back fairly regularly. We don't have those dates in advance. But we will be here repeatedly over the course of the season,” Robin Sweet, producer for 'Castle Rock' told Western Mass News.

The detours blocked a good view of where the filming was taking place, but that didn't stop residents from trying to get a look at what's going on. From the boarded up storefronts, to the old Trailways bus, or even the 'Castle Rock' community center and police department.

“It's really fun to see some of them transformed into this 'Castle Rock.' I think actually some of it looks like it's been improved,” said Angela Zuidema, Orange resident.

Robin Sweet, a producer for 'Castle Rock' is credited with putting together award winning shows like AMC's 'Better Call Saul.' She's also a Concord, Mass. native. Coming back to her home state was a big factor in her signing on to do this series and Orange, according to Sweet, has been more than accommodating.

Orange has been an amazing collaborator for 'Castle Rock.' They've been welcoming, they've helped us organizationally. It's a big endeavor when we come into Orange and we couldn't have done it without the support of both the government and towns people,” Sweet said adding, “I'd say 99% of the retailers have been incredibly helpful in working with us and we helped to compensate them.”

Luanne Goguen used to live in Orange, and is now moving back. She says she loves this place. From the scenic views to the humble and quaint downtown ...but for a major TV series to be filmed in her soon to be backyard? Well... That's just priceless.

"I would have never thought in my whole life that this would be going on in Orange. Really, it's quite amazing,” Goguen said.

As for the detours, residents we spoke with said they're not a problem and worth every bit of possible trouble.

“I think just for the experience of this happening in Orange...I think is wonderful,” explained resident, Angela Zuidema.

The center of town opened to normal traffic around 1 p.m. But police and the film crew both say that tomorrow there could be another trouble spot also related to filming.

North Main Street will remain closed in the area of town hall. So if you are going north tomorrow afternoon, police say to use Grove Street to get to School Street and then regain access to Rt. 2 through North Main Street.

Sweet tells Western Mass News that viewers are in for a treat and that crews will be here in Orange on and off through the end of the year. With a premiere date of sometime in 2018.

“I think they can look forward to a real physiological scare and a tale of terror unfolding in this little town,” Sweet noted.

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