AMHERST, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- It's move-in day at UMass Amherst and this year, the freshman class is one of the largest.

The university made adjustments to the dorms to make sure all their freshman fit and feel comfortable.

They also created a stress-free move-in day for families and students.

A long line of excited Freshman and their parents at UMass Amherst waited patiently in traffic to get settled into their new digs.

David Vaillancourt, interim Dean of Students explained the organization that went into move-in day.

“We have very organized move-in program students and parents are taught about move in for orientation and there’s a way for them to set up an appointment online so they know when they are coming," Vaillancourt said.

This year the university said the class of 2023 is exceptionally large with 5,800 students.

That's 800 more students than last years Freshman class.

“It is a bigger class than previous years and we are excited about that. A bigger class is made up of family members and students who sent them from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," Vaillancourt explained.

With the increase, the school has once again turned their lounges into dorm rooms.

There are 100 lounges and 4 students in each. So overall 400 freshmen are lounge living, nearly double the number last year.

”And students self-select and request lounges. New students and families see them on tour when they come for an orientation and most of our students want to live in our lounges," Vaillancourt noted.

Vaillancourt told Western Mass News they try to make this process as stress-free as possible.

One freshman who is living on the 17th floor told us they weren't allowed to use elevators today but there was plenty of help getting everything into the rooms.

"Well, we didn't have to carry our stuff up they do it for us. It is smooth we got up to the 17th floor and move all of our stuff in its gong well so far," UMass student said.

With the class of 2023 arriving that brings the total number of students living on campus to 14,000.

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