HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- October is breast cancer awareness month and many high school teams are honoring those men and women affected by the disease.

For two players on the Holyoke High School team, it hits close to home.

"She didn't want me to know and be worried. She didn't tell me a couple days before she just said she had to go in for a small operation,"said Holyoke student Brendan Leahy.

Leahy remembers the day his mother, Eileen, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"She's doing great. It's about a year now since she was cured," Leahy noted.

Scott Leary's mother hasn't been diagnosed but her two grandmothers had it, so she's considered at a higher risk.

"She has to go get checkups every now and then, more than others because she is at risk," said Leary.

On the field, Scott wears a pink sleeve with the word mom, dedicated to all of those fighting every day, especially ones close to his heart.

"It's important to get everyone to know and they're not aware about it. You can't do anything about it, in order to fight against it and try to get a cure. You always have to be aware and have hope for the best," said Leary.

Speaking candidly about his mother, he added that she's definitely a fighter.

"She never gives up. She's always there when we need her. She always puts the family and everyone elses needs before hers," Leary continued.

"Seeing my son out there period is just, it makes me proud. I get teary, I'm sorry. Him representing myself, my grandparents, his grandparents, it means a lot," said Scott's mom, Jessica Leary.

Brendan and Scott's bond on field has been made even stronger off the field.

"When we complain about a little sickness, she worked every day up until her surgery and not one day did she complain about it," said Leahy.

"This month brings a great season for us. I hope it brings awareness about what is going on in the world and that it can get better," said Leary.

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