The Common Green was filled with fairgoers in years past. Now, it is just an empty green space.

BELCHERTOWN, MA (WGGB/WSHM)-- The Belchertown Fair and the Amherst Block Party are canceled for the second year in a row. Meanwhile, preparations for the Big E are underway. Western Mass News is getting answers on why Belchertown canceled their fair.

The Common Green was filled with fairgoers in years past. Now, it is just an empty green space.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. It’s a huge popular event after last year. But the facts are the facts,” said Cindy Brown, a fair committee member.

Brown told Western Mass News more about the decision to cancel the fair this year and whether a mask mandate was considered instead. We asked if they considered a mask mandate or any other types of COVID restrictions instead.

“It’s impossible to enforce how many people are on the common. It’s impossible to enforce a mask mandate when the state has not put together a mask mandate,” said Brown.

Another thing they are worried about is spreading coronavirus in town. with the delta variant on the rise.

“The parade is shoulder to shoulder. The crowd is shoulder to shoulder. and we just don’t want to risk our kids in the school systems having us cause a super spreader event. In a week or two weeks after all of this unfolds,” said Brown.

Although the Belchertown Fair is canceled, the Big E is still expected to happen this year. We asked the fair committee member why cancel the fair if the Big E is still happening?

“We can’t make a decision for every other town. All we can do is make a decision for what we believe is right for us,” said Brown.

Brown said they plan to make next year's fair better than ever.

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