Golf courses struggling after recent string of wet weather

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The long winter and our recent rainy, raw weather has a put a damper on many outdoor businesses, especially golf courses.

Agawam Municipal Golf Course has felt a pinch to its budget, and even one rainy weekend can set them back for weeks.

The winter, no doubt, was a tough one and with spring finally starting to show, some golf courses have had a rough couple of months.

"This is the kind of day we want..but we want these days on the weekends," said Tom Dirico, Head Profession at Agawam Municipal Golf Course.

"When you lose a Saturday or Sunday because of lousy weather, you're taking a lot of money out of the equation and you kind of depend on that money to pay for your expenses," Dirico added. With the Memorial Day holiday now in the rear view mirror, the golf course is hoping to hit the gas pedal as they head into the summer months. "We kind of base our income on our league play which is very, very important to a golf course. Our golf outing program which is again very important and then you base your income on weekends as well, hoping to do 125, 150 players on a Saturday and a Sunday," Dirico noted. Agawam Municipal is owned by the town of Agawam, versus a privately owned course which Dirico told Western Mass News makes its money a little differently. "We're on what they call the enterprise fund. So we set our budget on what we do for business the year before, so we have to hit those numbers in order to get the same amount of money and when you have a bad season, it really hurts," Dirico continued. How many financial losses the course could suffer won't be known until the end of the season.

In the meantime, golfers everywhere hoping for a hole-in-one from mother nature.

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