CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Governor Charlie Baker announced today in a press conference no schools can open sooner than Monday, May 4.

This is all because of coronavirus precautions.

Western Mass News spoke with parents and superintendents about their thoughts.

Residents said they are happy the governor made the announcement early while they continue to adjust to their new reality.

Grade school students are adjusting to new normal, online classes and some parents, including Chicopee resident Jesika Sikes, are on-board with the cyber extension.

"I think it's the safe route to go considering how contagious this is," Sikes said.

Many companies have employees working from home and so now kids and parents will be using the same WiFi a bit longer.

"My boyfriend works from home as well. So he's home with her. Starting next week, I'm going to be working from home as well. So it's going to be all three of us there trying to use the same WiFi," Sikes explained.

Superintendents, including Gateway Regional School District's Superintendent, David Hopson told Western Mass News they have plans in place for kids that don't have the internet at home.

"Our teachers actually either bring the work to the school or they send it in to be duplicated and put together. And then parents pick it up from our security person," Hopson explained.

Westfield School District's superintendent Stefan Czaprorowski told Western Mass News that the school district is putting plans in place in case they open back up after May 4.

"I think we have to be realistic in long-term planning. So whatever we implement now, I think it's important it's something we're able to keep going if the closure date goes beyond May 4," Czaprorowski said.

Both of the superintendents said they don't plan to close school for the rest of the school year, but they are taking things day by day.

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