Groomer helps clean-up lost dog found four months later

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About four months ago, a family lost their furry friend.

The dog turned up in someone's backyard this past weekend - miles away in Connecticut.

Now, a local groomer is stepping in to help clean the pooch up.

It was a reunion nearly four months in the making.

"I had left for the grocery store. When I came back, she was gone. Apparently, someone left the fence open." said Ariana Rodriguez Velazquez.

The golden pooch, named Laura, went for an unauthorized stroll back in April.

Only, according to Velazquez, this roam never led her back home.

"My theory is that someone had apparently picked her up and just didn't want her anymore because I don't see how she would have been able to have gone all the way over there from Springfield," Velazquez added.

Laura was found over 20 miles away, across the border in Vernon, CT. She wasn't microchipped, but her owner quickly noticed her once she spotted a Facebook post.

"She immediately jumped on me and recognized me. [Are you serious?] Yeah. [What was going through your mind there?] I couldn't believe it, I was still in shock," Velazquez explained.

After nearly a third of the year spent on the road, Laura was looking 'ruff.' Her story touched a groomer in Westfield.

"Ariana's mom said she was pretty smelly. She gave her a bath at home, but she said she still smelled, so I said that's where I can come in." said Whitney Quist Stevens with Groomtastic Pet Salon.

Stevens cleared her schedule for late Wednesday morning and gave Laura the royal treatment at no cost to Velazquez.

Laura's looking and feeling good as new. Velazquez now knows there's one more thing to do.

"At least if they bring her to the vet, they would be able to identify the owner. I think that would be really helpful in the future. [So microchip it is?] Yes. [How soon do you think?] Within the next week," Velazquez noted.

Laura's family said that they're grateful for everyone's help throughout these last few months and because of that, they never gave up hope that a reunion like this would be possible.

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