Hack or Hassle: Keeping bananas fresher for longer


Separating eggs can be a messy task that often involves getting your hands dirty, but a new life hack that has been circulating online could make it easier.

All you need is an empty plastic bottle and a couple bowls.

Life hacks are tricks designed to make everyday tasks easier. While many life hacks that have made the rounds online have proven their value, some end up just being a waste of time.

Western Mass News has set out to put popular life hacks to the test in a series called ‘Hack or Hassle.’

Crack the egg into a bowl, without separating the yolk and the egg whites. Angle the plastic bottle over the egg. Pressing the bottle, the suction will pull the egg into the bottle. Over the other bowl, squeeze the bottle again, allowing the yolk to drop out.

Today's case of 'Hack or Hassle' was cracked successfully.

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