'Harley Quinn Spinsanity' to open this weekend at Six Flags New England

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Six Flags New England is taking rides to a whole new level with the debut of the 'Harley Quinn Spinsanity.'

The 15-story high ride opens to the public Saturday, but Western Mass News had the chance to experience the insanity a little early.

What you see is no video game or movie. It’s real and it’s in western Massachusetts' backyard.

Six Flags New England in Agawam took its newest ride, 'Harley Quinn Spinsanity,' for a big spin on Thursday and take our advice - or the screams from our Darren Ayotte - it is truly unforgettable.

“I’ve worked at this park for 13 years. 'Harley Quinn Spinsanity' is absolutely fierce. It’s thrilling and I cannot wait for guests to ride it," said Six Flags New England communications manager Jennifer McGrath.

'Harley Quinn Spinsanity' is not a roller coaster, but a massive pendulum, swinging you over and over at 70 miles per hour, all while spinning counterclockwise. It hits 150 feet, or 15 stories at its peak, as riders experience a feeling of weightlessness in the air.

It’s safe to say it’s the most unique two minutes around and it’s the only one of its kind in all of New England.

“Every year when we plan, we want bigger, faster, and more intense for our guests. We plan years ahead of time and we knew that 'Harley Quinn Spinsanity' had to be here," McGrath added.

Other media took their chances, alongside American coaster enthusiasts like David Dragun, a 7,000 member coaster club that travels to amusement parks around the world with early access to rides.

“It is quite the sight, it is a large ride. It’s fast and it looks pretty exciting," Dragun added.

While Dragun may not look excited, it’s because he’s been on 700-plus roller coasters and thousands of rides, so at this point, nothing phases him. Today, he rides for Dad.

“My father brought me out as a kid and put me on my first roller coaster. Ever since then, you see the rides, you go ride them," Dragun said.

'Harley Quinn Spinsanity' opens Saturday to the public. You must be 52 inches tall to ride.

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