BOSTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Erin Deveney, head of the Massachusetts RMV, resigned from her position on Tuesday.

Mass DOT Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack accepted her resignation, and named Mass DOT Chief Operating officer Jamey Tesler as Acting Registrar.

Her resignation comes less than a week after police arrested a West Springfield man in connection to a crash in New Hampshire that claimed the lives of seven people.

In a statement sent to Western Mass News, Pollack says:

"The loss of life in any motor vehicle crash is a terrible tragedy and the massive toll this crash is taking on the families of the seven individuals who lost their lives, many of whom served this country, is impossible to comprehend. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has a responsibility to enforce the laws governing safe operation of vehicles and carries out its mission to the best of its abilities. But in this case, the RMV had not acted on information provided by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles about a May 11 incident that should have triggered termination of this individual's commercial driver's license."

According to the Mass DOT, Zhukovskyy obtained his driver's license on April 25 of 2013 and received his CDL in August of 2018.

Approximately two months after obtaining his driver's license, Mass DOT documents state that Zhukovskyy was charged with OUI.

Since he was under the legal drinking age, Zhukovskyy's license was suspended and he was required to take a driver's education course, as well as a youth alcohol program.

Zhukovskyy was charged again with OUI back in May of this year in East Windsor, CT.

Since he refused a field sobriety test, his CDL should have been immediately terminated, and he would have been notified within seven days that his driver's license was also suspended.

Mass DOT stated that, to the RMV's knowledge, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles did not process his information through the federal CDL system, or CDLIS following his second OUI.

However, on May 29, the Connecticut DMV sent the RMV a message through their Motor Vehicle Administrators messaging system, which provided insufficient information on Zhukovskyy's second OUI.

Therefore, the RMV was unable to automatically put the OUI charge onto his driving record, which did not trigger the seven-day notification process.

Even though they were unable to process the message electronically, a manual review notification was then sent out to notify RMV personnel.

As of June 23, the RMV had not processed Zhukovskyy's second OUI.

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