SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Managing stress can pose a challenge even during the best of times, and COVID-19 has only made things worse for many, but there are ways to manage triggers of stress...with tools that give a leg up.

"It's really hard to make a plan when information changes daily," said specialists in pediatric mental health at the Children's Integrate Center for Success, Amy Edgar.

Everywhere you look, the future remains uncertain, working from the office or the home, the kids in class, or on the couch, oh, and do you have your mask?

"It’s not going well," Edgar said.

She said this pandemic is worsening an already pervasive issue in America, mental health.

"Situations that previously were challenging and hard to manage have become critical and even life and death," Edgar noted.

Citing these statistics as examples:

"The CDC just published research on 18 to 24-year-olds and found 1 in 4 had been suicidal in the last month," she explained. "I in 5 Americans are at risk of a serious mental illness or mental health challenge."

Edgar told Western Mass News when it comes to mental health it’s important to know what’s in your control and what isn't.

"You can take action to control certain things in your life. You can choose to be hopeful," she said.

But beyond a positive mindset, knowledge of your genes also helps. Edgar calls DNA tests the playbook to your mental health.

"It's incredibly powerful in a personalized intervention. What to do for you, not what's done for someone with similar features to you,' she said. "That has previously been available for prescription, it's the first time it's available direct to consumer."

Want to know how to get one of these DNA tests? Click here for more information.

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