Holyoke company again printing cover for Super Bowl program

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For years, the Hazen Paper Company has been synonymous with the Super Bowl, making covers for the big game's program.

As you probably know, the Patriots are playing in the NFL's final game for a record tenth time on Sunday.

As fans flock into U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII, there is little doubt they'll see game programs when they get through the gates.

"It's a huge thrill, it's a huge honor. We've been doing this now for 15 some odd years," said Bob Hazen with Hazen Paper.

The cover is fully holographic and when you turn it, the Lombardi Trophy glows in many ways against the customized backdrop of Minnesota.

"Holography is our best offensive weapon, to quote a football term," said John Hazen.

It's made with a machine called the Envirofoil, John and Bob Hazen said.

"We take paper and we are basically putting a thin skin or a thin layer of coating onto the outside paper. The holography is actually prism," John Hazen explained.

However, the Hazens told Western Mass News that despite the brilliance of this machine, the majority of work is done by a human's touch.

"It's not the strength of the wolf, it's the strength of the wolf pack and we have a very strong team here, like the strength of the wolf pack of the Pats," Bob Hazen added.

Now, it's not just Super Bowl covers that these guys are responsible for. They've done the covers to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Holyoke and Blu-ray covers to your favorite Hollywood movies.

"There is no company in North America, and frankly on both sides of each pond, that have this type of technology and horsepower," Bob Hazen said.

John and Bob Hazen both said that they'll be rooting for the team in white and as for the Hazen Paper Company, it will be onto the next job.

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