HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The police presence at Holyoke High School has been stepped up following an alleged threat on social media.

Authorities said the threat was sent to a group of Holyoke students by a group of Springfield students.

We spoke with one parent who said she found out about the situation today, when her daughter texted here about the alleged threat this morning.

"It's scary because if it's real, it's scary. If it's fake, it is scary as it is," said Dacasty Pena.

Pena's daughter is a senior at Holyoke High School. She said her daughter told her Tuesday morning while at school about a post on social media that threatened Holyoke High School.

"As soon as they get those news, they start calling their parents," Pena added.

Holyoke officials notified parents of an unsubstantiated post on social media that threatened Holyoke High School for Wednesday.

Western Mass News found the social media post shared on Facebook. We blurred out some of the image in the video, but you can see, it read: “shoot up Holyoke High on Wednesday, so tell you friends to be careful and you be careful too."

"We see it all the time in the news, kids shot, you know. Kids get the point that this is dangerous," Pena noted.

Investigators said the threat was made towards a particular group of students at Holyoke by a group of students from Springfield.

Some parents got a robo-call Monday night about the potential danger.

"We are contacting you this evening for community concern about an unsubstantiated post on social media, referencing a potential threat directed at Holyoke High School for Wednesday,“ the call stated.

The executive principal for Holyoke also released a statement that read, in part: "Out of an abundance of caution and for the reassurance of students, staff, and parents, we will have additional police presence at Holyoke High School tomorrow and Wednesday."

Western Mass News spoke with a teen whose sister goes to the school. She said someone making a threat puts every student in danger, including her sister.

"I don’t like when people say they are going to bring a gun to any school. It's actually endangering all the students and everybody in this community," that teen explained.

For Pena and many other parents, the concern is if the threat is actually real.

"They have to go to school, but at the same time, do you want to send your child to a school that not really safe," Pena said.

Holyoke Police said they are investigating the alleged threat. Anyone with questions is asked to contact Holyoke Police.

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