HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The man accused of shooting and killing a 20-year-old in Holyoke is in custody this evening awaiting arraignment.

He faces a murder charge after, what officials called, an interaction between a suspect and a victim inside a local car dealership.

Officials believe some sort of disagreement happened inside Docks Classics between Paul Paradzinski and Aribertic Rodriguez yesterday afternoon.

However, they didn't say what started the tension or, more importantly, what caused it to escalate into deadly force with a gun.

Police say the tension between 67-year-old Paul Paradzinski and Aribertic Rodriguez started in Docks Classics in Holyoke.

They say it ended with Rodriguez lying wounded on Clemente Street later pronounced dead of a gunshot wound.

Western Mass News found Paradzinski has no prior record of crime in Holyoke, though he is now charged with murder, but police say Paradzinski stayed at Docks classics, at the scene, after the gun was fired.

Holyoke Police haven't said whether or not Paradzinski had the gun legally.

In Massachusetts, even a person licensed to carry a gun, must try to retreat from a dangerous situation that occurs outside of their home.

It's only when the person has tried to retreat and cant that a gun can be used in self defense.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez's family and friends say the 20-year-old was just trying to buy a car.

"He shot at him four times. What could he possibly do, what threat could've been to him to shoot him four times?" asked Rodriguez's friend.

"Trying to buy a car to get his family around, and it escalated to violence. A senseless murder. Shot an innocent kid who was only twenty years old," Rodriguez's uncle Edgar Hernandez tells us.

Although Paradzinski has not been arraigned yet, officials say he is in custody.

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