HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The issue of gun violence is brought to the forefront in Holyoke after five shootings happened over the weekend.

Two of those shootings were murders, both victims, 21-years-old.

Western Mass News spoke exclusively with the mother of one of those shooting victims and joins us with her plea.

Raequese Wright, from Springfield, was shot and killed on Saturday night in an alley on Sargeant Street in Holyoke.

His mother, Celeste Wright acknowledges that Raequese, did go down a bad path, but she said others were trying to reach him, to get him to change.

It just didn't happen in time.

"People talked to him and seen him doing the wrong thing, and tried to tell him to do the right thing," Celeste said.

Just two weeks into the new year and Celeste Wright has to bury her son.

21-year-old Raequese Wright was shot Saturday on Sargeant Street, one of two homicides in Holyoke this weekend.

"He didn’t deserve to die like that," Celeste said.

As Celeste spoke with Western Mass News, candles in the shape of Raequese's initials burned bright.

Her son, she said, reflected the same kind of brightness.

"He’s made a lot of music, he played the drums, he could rap. Always got good grades and at a certain point, he just became rebellious and defiant. He chose the wrong path," Celeste noted.

She said the Raequese leaves behind a family who loved him no matter what.

What's also left behind, a plea from Celeste for the gun violence to stop.

"I don’t want no retaliation. It’s not going to bring my son back. What I want is justice for my son. Turn your life around and turn to leave the streets alone. The streets ain’t your friend," Celeste said.

[If you could see him one more time what would you say to him?]

"I would say do you believe what I've been telling you now son? What everybody’s been telling you?" Celeste said.

Holyoke Police have not yet arrested in Raequese's murder.

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