Perhaps you've already noticed, now is the time for house flies to start invading your home.

Experts said the summer heat brings them out in droves and before you know it you could have a full on infestation on your hands.

From spray cans to smoke bombs, Keith Lacross with Braman Termite and Pest Elimination has quite the arsenal for dealing with pests.

They come in handy during the summertime because that’s when his techs at Braman Termite and Pest Elimination are the busiest.

“The warmer weather, the temperatures, and organic material decaying a lot quicker this time of year, yeah, we're right in the middle of fly season," said Lacross.

One of the pesky creatures that bug them and homeowners out the most is the house fly, also known as a bottle fly.

Keith Lacross has a bug board he keeps in his office showing what the fuzzy-winged insects look like.

“It'll be pretty obvious if you had em' inside the house. They're gonna buzz, they're gonna be annoying. They are attracted to light, so they tend to congregate toward windows," Lacross added.

The danger they pose is real too, not because they bite or sting, but because they can carry diseases.

“Flies in general are vectors of disease based on how they feed with the sponging mouth parts, when they land on something they're regurgitating," Lacross explained.

So how do you keep these nuisances out of your home? Being clean is one way, but Lacross said there’s a couple of other things you can do too.

“Doors closed, screens on windows, seal obvious openings,” said Lacross.

Lacross told Western Mass News the most important thing you can do, is eliminate what attracts them.

“Grass clippings. Trash receptacles is another big one," Lacross noted.

“If people are composting themselves, that becomes huge, huge site. Same thing if you have a dog, and they go in the backyard, you want to pick up the manure as quick as possible. This time of the year, with these temperatures, it doesn't take long for that fly to reproduce," Lacross concluded.

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